Wednesday I went for a run for the first time in about a year. Oh. the. pain. Ow, ow OOOWWWWEEE! I can’t believe it has been nine years since I ran the Chicago marathon. I was a size 8 and my stomach was flat. Now, just call me muffin top. On the positive side, I have lost about 30 pounds since I had Simone. But I still have about 35 to go to get to my goal weight, thanks to multiple rounds of IVF.

The last five years on the baby bandwagon felt like I was just going through the motions most of the time. I let a lot of things go. Now that Simone is here, it feels like a fog has been lifted in my life in general. Now that the fog is gone, I can see that my house is a mess. I have canned goods in my pantry that are five years old. Contrary to popular belief, just because it’s in a can does not mean it will last forever. It will probably take me all summer to purge all of the crap that I let pile up over the last five years. The junk man is gonna have a field day picking through our garbage.

In other news, my brother graduated from grad school last Saturday. He got a master’s in secondary education and he’ll be teaching math at a local high school in the fall. Smartypants. I’m very proud of him. Congrats, Bub. 🙂


My last day of work was Friday. I am officially a stay at home mom. I actually went back to work, gave my notice and worked for two weeks. It was bananas. I was so tired every day, I had to start pumping again and I missed spending my days with Simone. However, I did enjoy the lunches and shopping downtown during my last two weeks. 

So far it has been fine being at home. Simone is sleeping well at night and napping during the day. Today I managed to cook dinner and work on my spring cleaning in between caring for Simone. I feel a sense of relief since I quit my job. I really don’t know how my mother worked and cared for us all those years. Now she gets to enjoy being a new granny. 🙂

Simone & Granny

Today we finally got some nice weather so my cousin Penelope and I took Simone for a long walk in her fancy stroller.  I realize I spent waaaaay too much money on her stroller. But it is quite nifty. I figure we’ll either make it a family heirloom or I’ll sell it on ebay and use the proceeds to help pay for college. After our walk we went to my parents’ for dinner. I’m hoping she will sleep for five hours tonight after so much activity. If I was a smart mom, I’d be sleeping right now. I’m sure as soon as I close my eyes, she’ll be ready to eat.

Here’s a cute pic of Simone and the giant bear…

Simone and her giant bear


So I have been a real slacker about posting to this blog. Now that Simone is home I will try to recount some of our experiences in the NICU as well as keep you up to date on how she’s currently doing.I’m pleased to report that Simone is 6 pounds, 8 ounces as of yesterday and she’s 19 inches long….about the size of your average newborn baby. She’s still as feisty as she was in the hospital, she has chubby cheeks and a head full of luxurious hair. I really don’t know who she got the hair from. It’s curly when I wash it and straight when it dries. She looks just like her dad.

Being at home with her is challenging in ways that I never imagined. I always thought I was somewhat of a homebody, but right now, I can’t WAIT to get out of this house. We’ve been staying indoors because the weather has been crappy (gotta love the midwest) and she still needs to get her second round of immunizations. I thought she was set to get her shots yesterday, but I miscalculated. We have two more weeks of lockdown. We might have to sneak out when the doctor isn’t looking. 🙂

Simone enjoying some tummy time.     

Simone is truly amazing. She is up to 2 lbs, 8oz –more than twice her birth weight– and she is still a feisty, sassy little baby. She is on a CPAP ventilator (less invasive than the ET tube) and her settings are pretty low. Today she pulled her nasal prongs out (for the second time)…she can be very grabby. When she is on her tummy, she does his little mountain climber move where she uses her legs to push her little butt up in the air. It looks so funny, almost like she is trying to stand up. She loves sleeping on my chest and she even tolerates her little sponge baths pretty good. Today she was so cute and smiley. So maybe it was gas, but a smile is a smile, right? I really could go on and on about her. Every day I am amazed at her progress and so very thankful that she is alive and well on the road to being healthy and strong.I go back to work next Tuesday…WAAAAH! However, when Simone comes home, I will take another leave of absence. I can’t wait.  

Life in the NICU can be a huge roller coaster ride. Overall, Simone is doing okay and she has way more good days than bad. However, the bad days can be really taxing. Friday night I went to visit Simone and the nurse took her out of the isolette so I could hold her. As soon as they took her out, she started desaturating and they had to bag her and ultimately they ended up changing her ventilation tube. It was very frightening to see and I cried all the way home. She was fine when I left the hospital, but the entire incident was just a reminder that my baby is not out of the woods yet.Today I went to see her and she looked good. She was her regular feisty self. She looked so cute. One of the nurses joked that she was going to write a note to Santa from Simone about Friday night and it would start out “Santa, I can explain…” They weaned back her vent settings a little and she seemed to be okay with the changes. Tonight the hospital called to let us know that they took some cultures the other day and it looks like she has some sort of infection. They won’t have the complete information until tomorrow or the next day. They started her on an antibiotic and they hope she does not have pneumonia. Roller coasters suck.  

Yesterday one of the nurses took holiday pictures of the babies in the NICU. I bought a dress for Simone and it was huge. All of the doctors and nurses came by to see her. She looked oh so cute and I swear she smiled at us. (I know it was probably gas, but I’ll take whatever I can get.) I will post the pictures next week.Health wise, Simone is such a little fighter. They had weaned back her ventilator support, but today they had to bump it back up because her blood gas did not look great. Her main issue continues to be her lungs. They bumped up her feedings to 3cc every 2 hours. She pees and poops regularly and she hates having her diaper changed. I am amazed at how much personality she has.