10. I love the softness of her skin.

9. I love how she likes to hold my finger in the car when I ride in he back seat with her. 

8. I love how she is always happy to see me when she first wakes up.

7. I love the little noises she used to make when I nursed her. (Weaning her was bittersweet)

6. I love her gummy smile.

5. I love that she gives me slobbery kisses on my chin when she misses me.

4. I love how she smiles at strangers in the mall. She is such a happy baby.

3. I love ho she calms down whenever I take her out on our front porch. It’s almost like she is communing with nature.

2. I love that the smallest thing fascinates her. Lately she’s really been digging the buttons on my sweater.

1. I love that she has forever changed our lives. 🙂