Since I last posted, I turned 40. Here are some of Simone’s notable milestone:

* Simone is starting to eat solid foods. So far she has eaten pears and bananas along with her rice cereal. Today she actually grabbed the spoon because evidently I was not shoveling the food into her mouth fast enough.

* At her last weight check she was up to 10lbs, 9oz and 23 inches. She’s almost on the charts. 🙂

 * She can roll over from front to back and she pushes herself up during tummy time.

* She grabs the little rings on her bouncy chair. She also grabs my hair and she grabs my shirt when she wants to eat

* Simone is sleeping for 7 hours at night. (YAY!) 

* Simone is smiling, laughing, cooing and “talking” these days. I’ve been told that she actually said mommy when I was at the store the other night.

My baby amazes me every day.