Last night I went to see Se.x and the City with a couple of girlfriends…a rare night out since Simone. It was a pretty fun night, although the night was almost derailed. I had to go to the little girl’s room about halfway through the movie. The theater was so crowded that a couple of people were sitting in the aisle on the steps. I tripped over one of the people and BROKE ONE OF MY MANOLOS!!! Waaaaahhhh! They can be repaired but it takes six months if you send them back to the manufacturer. Luckily, the SATC gods had mercy on me. One of my friends brought me an early birthday gift…a new pair of shoes! Thank goodness I didn’t have to go home barefoot.

Poor Simone was up when I got home at 1 am. I guess she was wondering where her milk machine ran off to without her permission.