Simone is truly amazing. She is up to 2 lbs, 8oz –more than twice her birth weight– and she is still a feisty, sassy little baby. She is on a CPAP ventilator (less invasive than the ET tube) and her settings are pretty low. Today she pulled her nasal prongs out (for the second time)…she can be very grabby. When she is on her tummy, she does his little mountain climber move where she uses her legs to push her little butt up in the air. It looks so funny, almost like she is trying to stand up. She loves sleeping on my chest and she even tolerates her little sponge baths pretty good. Today she was so cute and smiley. So maybe it was gas, but a smile is a smile, right? I really could go on and on about her. Every day I am amazed at her progress and so very thankful that she is alive and well on the road to being healthy and strong.I go back to work next Tuesday…WAAAAH! However, when Simone comes home, I will take another leave of absence. I can’t wait.