December 2007

Life in the NICU can be a huge roller coaster ride. Overall, Simone is doing okay and she has way more good days than bad. However, the bad days can be really taxing. Friday night I went to visit Simone and the nurse took her out of the isolette so I could hold her. As soon as they took her out, she started desaturating and they had to bag her and ultimately they ended up changing her ventilation tube. It was very frightening to see and I cried all the way home. She was fine when I left the hospital, but the entire incident was just a reminder that my baby is not out of the woods yet.Today I went to see her and she looked good. She was her regular feisty self. She looked so cute. One of the nurses joked that she was going to write a note to Santa from Simone about Friday night and it would start out “Santa, I can explain…” They weaned back her vent settings a little and she seemed to be okay with the changes. Tonight the hospital called to let us know that they took some cultures the other day and it looks like she has some sort of infection. They won’t have the complete information until tomorrow or the next day. They started her on an antibiotic and they hope she does not have pneumonia. Roller coasters suck.  


Yesterday one of the nurses took holiday pictures of the babies in the NICU. I bought a dress for Simone and it was huge. All of the doctors and nurses came by to see her. She looked oh so cute and I swear she smiled at us. (I know it was probably gas, but I’ll take whatever I can get.) I will post the pictures next week.Health wise, Simone is such a little fighter. They had weaned back her ventilator support, but today they had to bump it back up because her blood gas did not look great. Her main issue continues to be her lungs. They bumped up her feedings to 3cc every 2 hours. She pees and poops regularly and she hates having her diaper changed. I am amazed at how much personality she has.