My baby is no longer a baby

Never mind the pile of blankets in the background, LOOK at how big my baby has grown! I can’t believe kindergarten is almost over…sniff, sniff.


Simone is about to turn 3 in a few weeks. I can’t believe how the time just flies by. She is going to preschool three days a week now and she loves it. She has come such a long way since those early days in the hospital.

I am such a lazy blogger. Bad, bad mommy! Simone is walking now. I will post video soon. Hopefully before she graduates college.

10. I love the softness of her skin.

9. I love how she likes to hold my finger in the car when I ride in he back seat with her. 

8. I love how she is always happy to see me when she first wakes up.

7. I love the little noises she used to make when I nursed her. (Weaning her was bittersweet)

6. I love her gummy smile.

5. I love that she gives me slobbery kisses on my chin when she misses me.

4. I love how she smiles at strangers in the mall. She is such a happy baby.

3. I love ho she calms down whenever I take her out on our front porch. It’s almost like she is communing with nature.

2. I love that the smallest thing fascinates her. Lately she’s really been digging the buttons on my sweater.

1. I love that she has forever changed our lives. 🙂


Since I last posted, I turned 40. Here are some of Simone’s notable milestone:

* Simone is starting to eat solid foods. So far she has eaten pears and bananas along with her rice cereal. Today she actually grabbed the spoon because evidently I was not shoveling the food into her mouth fast enough.

* At her last weight check she was up to 10lbs, 9oz and 23 inches. She’s almost on the charts. 🙂

 * She can roll over from front to back and she pushes herself up during tummy time.

* She grabs the little rings on her bouncy chair. She also grabs my hair and she grabs my shirt when she wants to eat

* Simone is sleeping for 7 hours at night. (YAY!) 

* Simone is smiling, laughing, cooing and “talking” these days. I’ve been told that she actually said mommy when I was at the store the other night.

My baby amazes me every day.


Last night I went to see Se.x and the City with a couple of girlfriends…a rare night out since Simone. It was a pretty fun night, although the night was almost derailed. I had to go to the little girl’s room about halfway through the movie. The theater was so crowded that a couple of people were sitting in the aisle on the steps. I tripped over one of the people and BROKE ONE OF MY MANOLOS!!! Waaaaahhhh! They can be repaired but it takes six months if you send them back to the manufacturer. Luckily, the SATC gods had mercy on me. One of my friends brought me an early birthday gift…a new pair of shoes! Thank goodness I didn’t have to go home barefoot.

Poor Simone was up when I got home at 1 am. I guess she was wondering where her milk machine ran off to without her permission.

Cute-o-rama! Hey dada, I have a surprise for you...check my diaper!